New Coffee Houe Delights Residence of Felida

New Coffee Houe Delights Residence of Felida

Chances are good that Ann and Jorge Bailey will fare better at running Felida Coffee House than they ever did at being retired.

When Pines Coffee opted to not open a new coffee house in Felida Village, silent partners, Ann and Jorge Bailey and their two friends, Andrew and Melissa Bellah, stepped in and opened it anyway.

The result is Felida Coffee House (3602 NW 119th St, Unit 100), the new kid on the block in Felida Village, the “labor of love” for local developer Ron Edwards.

“When things didn’t come to fruition [with Pines Coffee], we took over the lease and changed it to Deep Roots,” said Ann Bailey, who retired from her nurse job last October.

Some retirement, right?

“I got a little bored,” Bailey admitted. “… So I’m glad to be working again, being hands-on.”

(Text from The Vancouver Business Journal in an article from July 2016)