About Felida Village


 Ron Edwards - Photo credit to The Columbian

Ron Edwards - Photo credit to The Columbian

Ron Edwards already had deep connections in the community when he purchased the land to create a business center in the middle of the Felida neighborhood in 2007. He felt motivated to address the lack of amenities in the area and knew the location would provide the visibility businesses would need to be successful. The vision was to provide the community with quality, local businesses. This vision sustained Ron throughout the building process.

From 2007 to 2009 neighborhood meetings were called so that Ron could get feedback from the residents of Felida. They wanted a business center that would blend into the Felida atmosphere, something modern, but something that would look like it had been here 100 years. This was a tall order, but Ron didn’t shy away from the challenge. With the help of neighboring businesses Remmerde Excavating, local metal worker Lyle Baxter, and Mike with Soha Sign, Felida Village came together with the kind of quality everyone had hoped to see.

In 2015, Felida Village opened its doors to the community with the grand opening of Barre3, and has continued to grow. In addition to the many businesses that have joined the Felida Village team there are 7 apartments which provide live/work opportunities in the community. And Ron isn’t done yet! Look for the new breakfast spot which is starting construction in October 2017 and 15 single family residencies to be represented by local realtor Shannon Wheeler.