About Felida Village


 Ron Edwards - Photo credit to The Columbian

Ron Edwards - Photo credit to The Columbian

Welcome to Felida Village! This is now a thriving business center but it took time to have that dream realized. It began in 2007, when Ron Edwards purchased the land to create a business center in the middle of the Felida neighborhood knowing there was a need to be filled. The vision was to provide the community with quality, local businesses. It took several years of meeting with the community and planning committee before construction would begin.

In 2015, Felida Village opened its doors to the community and has continued to grow. In addition to the many businesses that have joined Felida Village, there are seven apartments which provide live/work opportunities in the community. There is an event rental space as well as a rental home for short-term or long-term use.

Now in 2020, his dream has been fully visualized. We hope you stop in for a visit soon and enjoy the many amenities. A place where neighbors can become family.

You can connect with the Felida community on the Nextdoor app.