Felida Village Open for Business with Barre3

Felida Village Open for Business with Barre3

A former elementary school principal is bringing Barre3’s unique brand of fitness to Vancouver’s Felida neighborhood.

Amy Grabenkort, owner of Barre3 Vancouver-Felida, will open a 2,200-square-foot studio at 3604 NW 119th St. on Monday, March 30. The Portland-founded company combines ballet, yoga and Pilates techniques to produce a balanced, effective workout.

“Barre3 is known worldwide for being different because of its warm, welcoming family feel,” said Grabenkort, who previously served as associate principal at Marrion Elementary School in northeast Vancouver. “We really rely on giving people that experience and showing people that’s what we are about, and I’m confident that when people come in they will feel that and they’ll want to be a part of that.”

(Text from The Vancouver Business Journal in an article from March 2015)